Senior Full-Stack Engineer, UI developer, ReactJS Specialist, and team player. 7+ years' experience working remotely. Enthusiastic about open source.



What is Agreed?

AGREED is the SaaS based decision-making platform that empowers employees to create profitable changes and gives executives the certainty to say YES. It makes getting things done easy for the company by bringing all stakeholders on board and eliminating the element of surprise.

Technology Stack

ReactJS, Rails, GraphQL, ApolloClient, Netlify, AWS


Corporate Management


Utah, USA


What is MorphToken?

MorphToken is a crypto exchange platform that converts one cryptocurrency to another or splits it into multiple cryptocurrencies at once.

Technology Stack

Next.js, Redux, Rest API, AWS


Digital Currency


What is Friyay?

Friyay provides new ways to organize your remote work, team and projects. It empowers you to set goals, work together and see progress in realtime.

Technology Stack

ReactJS, Redux, Rest API


Project/Task Management

What customers are saying...

Abdullah is smart, well-thought out, and organized. He's able to communicate clearly about code & problems and he's very solution oriented. He gets results and gets things done. He has a strong approach driven mindset as an engineer. He's also just a really cool guy. I love working with Abdullah.

Dan W Jones, CTO Agreed.io
Dan Jones
CTO Agreed.io

I've worked with Muhammad for a while now. He shipped many features and improvements such as Improved performance by reducing build size, using code splitting lazy loading, new UI views and rich text editor. Very responsive, hard worker, tackles complex features, very productive, flexible, pro-active, thinks beyond requirements, excellent team player. He's the type of developer a founder/designer wants to collaborate with.

Joost Wentink, Co-Founder friyay.io
Joost Wentink
Co-Founder friyay.io
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